Project Description

YD-GCG127 Glass Top Single Burner Gas Stove

Item No.: YD-GCG127

  • High Efficient
  • Low Gas Consumption
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Gas Type: LPG/NG
  • Ignition: Automatic 30,000.00 Times
  • Installation: Table Top
  • Packing: CKD/CBU
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Single Burner Glass Top Gas Cooker

Panel:7mm Tempered glass
Body: 0.40mm SS
Panel size : 380*290*110mm
Burner Size: 90mm
Cast Iron material
Cap: 90mm brass
Gas Pipe: 11.5mm
Ignition: High Quality Automatic Ignition with cover, 30,000.00 Times


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