1, Preparing the Stove for Cleaning

Allow your stove to cool. Turn off all your gas burners and allow the stove to cool down completely before cleaning.

Cleaning a stove while it is hot can result in injury.

2 Remove the burner grates and caps. Once the burners are cool, lift them away from the stove. Place them in the sink.

Burners can be placed in a large bucket or wash basin if a sink is not available.

3 Fill the sink with hot water and dish soap. Completely submerge the burners in hot water. Add a drizzle of dish soap to the water while it is running to create suds. Allow the burners to soak while you clean the stove.
Cleaning the Stovetop
Brush away loose debris. With a cleaning brush or paper towel, brush away any loose debris. Don’t worry too much about scraping caked on food and grime.
2 Scrub the stovetop. Clean the top of the stove using a stovetop cleaner or soapy water. With a clean rag or sponge, scrub the surface. Pay close attention to caked on food and grime. Don’t forget to scrub the knobs and face.

Spray some cleaner on tough spots and let it soak for five minutes before scrubbing. This will help to loosen the grime.